Zoho Social Review: Is it better than Hootsuite?

By | February 27, 2017
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About Zoho Social

Zoho Social is one of the top social media management software platforms that assists businesses with managing multiple social networks, planning an unlimited number of timed posts, keeping track of keywords and working together in real-time with team members from a single dashboard. The Zoho Social Media software not only makes monitoring performance easier but it also allows tracking revenue from all social media marketing efforts. As a smart tool, Zoho Social helps businesses achieve their growth targets and increase their audience and social media presence at the same time. Zoho Social has broad CRM social integration and also works seamlessly with the most important networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn.social-media-marketing-home_0

It gives businesses the option to publish their content at peak hours when it is most likely to reach a large audience. This is made possible by the platform’s prediction engine, that helps decide and schedule the best time to post content. Zoho Social also allows businesses to stay engaged in real-time and receive updates about what customers are saying about them on social media.

Using Zoho Social media software and its reporting tools that are tailored to your business can help boost collaboration and productivity, improve sales and effectively manage day-to-day business activities.

Zoho Social Features: What’s great about Zoho Social?

Zoho Social Media has advanced publishing and scheduling tools that provide all the assistance businesses need to connect with their entire community and get tasks done quicker. The tools use captivating content to engage your audience with posts that you can allow to be automatically published by pre-scheduling bulk posts to different social networks. Then, you can either upload the posts instantly or schedule for publishing at a later time using a single window.

zoho-social-is-it-a-scam-or-legitSmartQ is the platform’s prediction engine that predicts when best to post to engage larger audiences. It analyses the business’s social media followers and their locations/time zones. The bulk scheduler makes it easy to make multiple posts on different platforms in one click and the iOS and Android applications allow users to stay connected and publish on the go.

The SocialShare plugin extensions for Firefox and Chrome browsers gives users quick, easy access to all social media networks, allowing them to share content instantly without leaving the compose window. Zoho Social also has a built-in URL shortened and bit.ly integration that makes creating posts more organised and saves time.

Its team sharing and collaboration features helps teams work together in real-time sharing ideas, brainstorming and building better strategies more efficiently.

Zoho Social is able to give feedback to posts by analysing social media reaction and sentiments. Advanced reports and statistics are available to everyone of your business’s SM team through the one window management. Twitter lists to stay on top of what’s trending, notifications for brand mentions and the ability to track keywords, are all available with this tool. Being able to monitor updates and activity in real-time gives customer service and team effectiveness a real boost.

Zoho Social Pros & Cons


Verified users of Zoho Social sing the software’s praises. With this platform, you get easy CRM integration as well as quick and simple setup for schedule posts across social networks.

In comparing social media marketing tools in the market, Zoho Social has the upper hand for customers when it is Zoho Social vs. Hootsuite, Sprout or other similar platforms.

With Zoho Social, customers get more flexibility than competitors even with the free version. The statistics and reports are simplified and provide you with a clear overview of your business’s social media data. It helps in keeping a team more unified, but also with building a closer relationship with loyal clients. By connecting with your community and being able to watch for any brand mentions, the software gives you a measure for customer loyalty and satisfaction, helps you identify the most active fans of your business and source new, creative ideas from a larger group of people who actually use your product.


The prediction engine with SmartQ is reportedly not as comprehensive or accurate as other tools offering robust social analytics. The scheduler for posts also only allows for daily pre-planned posts, that is every 24 hours, rather than several times each day.

Zoho Social Pricing

To get started with Zoho Social, you can make use of the free trial the company offers for either of the 2 paid monthly packages, Standard ($10/month) and Professional ($50/month), or the completely free $0 monthly plan for single users. The Professional plan offers the full features and add-on.



Zoho Social is an extremely powerful business management tool that could be beneficial for any team. The free trial makes it an easy decision for trying out the software whether you’re a budding entrepreneur trying to better organise your marketing strategy or an active company looking to grow. The company also offers impressive, hands-on customer support and guidance for using the software, through the help desk and website.

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