Sprout Social Review: Pros and Cons of This Social Media Management Tool

By | January 5, 2017
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About Sprout Social

Finding the best social media platform with the right analytics tools for your business can take you months of trial and error. However, Sprout Social could be the tool to take away all your struggles. I must say, I do like the design of this platform meets I also love that Sprout Social tools not only have integrated Google analytics but also works with all the major social networks. Its dashboard and user interface are also surprisingly well designed. These, combined with a good pricing makes it one of the best tools.

Sprout Social Features

Of all the features the Sprout Social dashboard is perhaps my favourite. While Hootsuite arranges information in a spreadsheet like columns, Sprout Social separates its content into six major areas namely tasks, messages, feeds, discovery, publishing, and reports. Like most social media software at first glance the interface of the platform seem quite confusing until you get used to them. What’s helpful about this particular dashboard is that all the major things are at the top, which makes the interface easy to navigate. This makes it impossible to put posts under the wrong accounts because each item is segmented into different folders.



Like Hootsuite, it allows message scheduling where posts are automatically scheduled for publishing depending on the predetermined time frames. You can also customise your postings so that you only post them when your customers are likely to see them. Its automatic scheduling feature called queue allows you to schedule your posts for future delivery. It also offers a feature called viral posts that analyses your posts and audiences at optimal times. Since everything is filled well, it takes the guesswork out of scheduling.

Real-time monitoring

Sprout Social sends messages for potential engagement in real time. More so, it can segment direct messages, feeds, new followers, and retweets. Another good thing about it is its CRM. You can create and monitor all of its keywords and come up with a report within one platform.

Location Manager

This feature enables you to investigate who checks in at your place, which I find extremely handy for CRM.


The analytics feature provides full functionality for paying and free trial customers. With this feature, you can view your Facebook engagements, compare your Twitter accounts and even create a group report. The best thing about it is that it provides you with an almost real-time trends and aggregate reports that can help you better understand your audience. By linking it to Google analytics you can get a fuller perspective of the importance of such activities.

Multi Accounts Management

Just like Hootsuite, Sprout Social’s good organisation makes it one of the best. Currently, it supports RSS, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. You can also connect it to Google analytics at a price.

Sprout Social Cons

So far Sprout Social connects with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google +. It does not connect to Instagram or Pinterest, but I’ve yet to find any social media management tool that integrates with Instagram fully – please let me know if you know of any!

Sprout Social help and support

Sprout Social support is fantastic! They quickly respond to emails and there’s always someone available to help, I have never waited long for a response and have had no major complaints…as yet. It also has a dedicated team that is determined to solving customers’ problems it boasts of a combination of people with their own unique characteristics.

Sprout Social pricing

It provides a fully functional 30 day trial without having to use your credit card. It comes with four pricing plans namely Deluxe which is $59 per month, Premium at $99, Team at $500 for three users and Enterprise edition which is charged at $1500. Basically, as you climb up the tier, it adds in new features.

Powerful social media software


Overall, you will like Sprout Social’s dashboard if you’re a business or agency; I find it much more comprehensive than Hootsuite and Buffer mainly due to the brand monitoring, social analytics, reporting capabilities and follower management, hence the higher price tag. More so, you will be able to try it free of charge for 30 days.

Let us know what you think. What’s your favourite way to manage multiple social media platforms? Feel free to comment, ask questions and share.


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6 thoughts on “Sprout Social Review: Pros and Cons of This Social Media Management Tool

  1. Simply Mom

    Thanks for sharing this article. I’ve tried a few different management tools (Hootsuite, SocialOomph) and they all have some really good things about them. I’ve heard of Sprout before, but haven’t had a chance to give them a try. If the current system I use starts to fall short, I might have to check them out. Thank you again for letting me know about this tool!

    1. Lou Post author

      Thanks for sharing. You’ll definitely find Sprout Social more comprehensive that Hootsuite for example, mainly due to the monitoring and reporting features. Would love to know how you get on if you do choose to go with it.

  2. Bonto

    Sprout Social seems to be an amazing tool. Infact this is amazing because having a tool from where you can centrally manage all your social engagements is really intriguing and helpful . And the fact that it integrates will with the Major Social Networks like Facebook, twitter and google + makes it an obvious choice for organizations and bloggers. I followed the link you gave to the website and I will certainly signup to start their offer for the free trail. Thanks so much

    1. Lou Post author

      So glad to have helped. Would love to know how you get on, best of luck 🙂

  3. shrey

    Hi, I came across your website when I was searching for different social media management tools. I use buffer, however, I use the free version so I have a lot of limitations when it comes to social media sharing. DO you think sprout is better than buffer, should I change from buffer to sprout?

    1. Lou Post author

      Hi Shrey

      Buffer is great especially because you have the free option and if you have a handful of SM accounts to manage. If you’re running a small business Sprout Social is great to support your marketing efforts. Maybe check out the free trial to see how you feel about it, then you’ll be sure if Sprout Social is for you.

      Best of luck


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