Social Searcher Review – Social Media Search Engine Pros and Cons

By | January 13, 2017
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What is Social Searcher?

Ever heard of Social Searcher? I must admit I had not used a social media search engine up until recently …

Social networks are an integral tool for business in today’s digital world. With the growing number of subscribers on these networks, businesses are finding greater significance in using them to market, maintain good relations with customers and track the progress of their products in the market. Though so much useful information is generated as people continue to use social media, the normal search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo are not efficient enough when searching for content in social media networks. The search engines often produce too much information, most of which is unnecessary. Social Searcher Business reputation Monitoring tool is a social media search tool that’s designed to find content on social media networks by filtering out unnecessary results from other sources and thus making the search simpler, more effective and less time consuming.

Social Searcher

How to use Social Searcher

Basic search: Social Searcher allows you to do a simple real time search through a wide collection of social networks including the Web, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also search for content posted on other social sites in the recent past. Specifically, on:

  • Dailymotion (last 9 hours)
  • Google+(the last 3 days)
  • Reddit (last month)
  • YouTube (last year)
  • Tumblr (last 4 years)
  • Flickr

To perform a basic search, just access the Social Searcher website and a normal search box appears. Input the search query, name of the person, or the product or service you are searching on social sites and click “Search”. The social media search tool runs the query across all the platforms and dishes up comprehensive data. Search results are well-arranged in columns – each column contains content from a specific social network. The user can scroll up and down, left and right through the each column and the entire search results. Alternatively, one can search for content in a particular social network by clicking the network’s icon. All social networks are listed at the bottom in the grey area.


Analytics: After the basic search, Social Searcher allows you to perform simple and in-depth data analytics. You are able to view the number of results from each site, popular content (such as shared Facebook posts and retweeted tweets), the source and type of the content, sentiment, keywords, and links to the content. The results also feature helpful charts that can help one to know how many times the search phrase has been mentioned and whether the mention is positive or negative.

Social Searcher Pricing

There are free and commercial versions of Social Searcher. The free version allows you to perform up to 100 real time searches daily. If you need to carry out more searches, you can subscribe to the basic version (for up to 200 social searches per day) or the professional version (up to 800 searches per day).

Social Searcher Pros

  • You don’t have to log into a social media account or send messages and alerts to get information.
  • Social Searcher is available in many languages.
  • You can sort out information to derive more meaning from the social search results.
  • Social monitoring allows for more advanced searching and can help to track content in real time. This is critical for effective management of content and decision-making.
  • It’s possible to specify the desired results by post types (photos, videos, status updates, and links.
  • You can customise the site so that the search is concentrated on a narrower selection of social sites to achieve faster response times.

Social Searcher Cons

  • Since Social Searcher focuses on a limited selection of social sites, it may not be useful to some companies
  • The search results also include a lot of irrelevant results


The site is a such a handy little social search tool that’s easy to use and displays results in a very comprehensive manner. If you want to gain deep insights about a particular industry or a trending topic of interest, Social Searcher will enable you to do it quickly. For most people, the free version is enough. However, commercial applications of social searching would require one to have a paid version, but the monthly cost is worth the utility provided by the versions. If used correctly, Social Searcher can help you to identify highly productive link building opportunities in any industry. It can also be an invaluable tool for developing content marketing ideas and messages that will accurately resonate with the target audience.



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5 thoughts on “Social Searcher Review – Social Media Search Engine Pros and Cons

  1. June Danks

    This review has most definitely helped me, certainly an education. I had not heard of a Social Searcher – Social Media Search, I clicked on the link and to my surprise it listed all options, this could save me time in building up my business, I do find that having to log in and out, scroll down all sites very time consuming but with this tool I will have more energy focusing on my content. Just need a little more information re costing though please unless I have missed that within your review? Sorry I’ve read the paragraph that mentions and explains the pricing. I very much look forward to putting this into practise 🙂

    1. Lou Post author

      Thanks for your comments, so glad to have helped you. Have taken your feedback on an I’ll add some more info re. the price. Much appreciated 🙂

  2. Karlo

    thank you for publishing in-depth article about social searcher. I have never heard of social searcher. Social searcher seems like a great tool that is very easy to use. You really explain in detail everything about this tool. I will definitely consider to get one.
    Have a good day

    1. Lou Post author

      Thanks for you comments. Hope Social Searcher will help you with your social media efforts


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