Social Media Manager Pro Review: Is it a scam or legit?

By | November 2, 2016
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As a social media manager I wanted to share my experience with some of the many training courses I have used. If you’ve ever thought the idea of spending your days on Twitter or Facebook to make a living was your calling in life then you may find the next few articles on social media management training interesting.


Don’t be deluded into thinking you can be a social media manager overnight, like any new role there is a steep learning curve – and if you’re a beginner some hard work and determination, but there are plenty of online resources (including this website) to help you with your goals.

Social Media Manager Pro by Kate Buck Jr. is one of the training courses I purchased very early on in my career as  I wanted the most thorough and in depth training course that covered all areas of the job. While doing my research I came across Social Media Manager Pro, it took me a couple months to decide to buy it as it was a big investment for me at the time and I wanted to make sure I was making the right decision. There were not many honest reviews out there in my opinion, but I figured since there was a 30 day money back guarantee it might be worth the risk.

About Social Media Manager Pro

Social Media Manager Pro is an online training course that aims to teach students all the skills they need to be a successful Social Media Manager. They have some of the most highly skilled trainers who run their own agencies teaching the course including Kate Buck herself.


What can you expect from this course?

Once you have purchase membership you will be given access to the course library. You are greeted with a welcome message (as always) from the head of the course, Kate Buck Jr. You will then be guided to the first module for the very important introduction to the course. There are 8 main training modules, there are also bonus modules you can purchase. The bonus modules are recommended at the end of the main training and are designed for advanced students who want to learn more. Each module contains a series of documents and videos that explain each topic in an organised and clear way.

This was one of the perks for me – I always knew where to go next. The site is very easy to navigate and fairly simplistic so you can follow a fairly linear path from start to finish. Also most of the documents are fully explained by a presentation video, which is great if you’re as impatient as me and find video learning a much faster way of learning than reading tons and tons of text.

The 8 main modules are:

#1 Introduction

A basic overview of the course, also covers what a social media manager does, it also touches on getting clients.

#2 Branding You

The first steps to creating a brand for your business, learn how to set up domains and hosting on WordPress.

#3 Packages & Pricing

Helps you to put together your first proposals with handy examples you can download as well as how much to charge.

#4 Getting Clients

Discover where you can prospect for clients, services such as white labelling and how to market your business are covered in this module.

#5 Doing the Work

This is where you get down to the nitty gritty of the job, all those daily tasks you will incur in the world of social media management are explained in this module.

#6 Management & Metrics

Client contracts, billing, invoicing and reporting are all in this section. There are mainly documents in this module as they are mostly administration based topics.

#7  Beyond Social Media Management

This presentation gives you ideas on how to expand your business and discover other means of generating an income as a social media manager.

#8 Local for Social

This handy bonus presentations gives you tips on how to leverage local businesses. If you’re planning on approaching local business as clients then these tips are useful strategies you can implement quickly to boost their online presence.

Advanced courses

The advanced training is called Platinum and gives you access to more in depth training on Twitter, WordPress and Facebook ads. I also took these courses and I must admit they were highly advanced and well taught. Website Audience Retargeting on Facebook was the most eye-opening of the modules as it teaches specifically how to use Facebook to place ads in front of your website visitors.

Bonuses and upsells

Social Media Manager Pro also has a kind of inner circle membership called SMMConnect, for an extra monthly fee you get access to the private SMMConnect Facebook group as well as Webinars & Google Hangouts training twice per month.

You can also purchase further training on Facebook PPC as well as Instagram.


Do you get support?

Absolutely! One thing I found so amazing was the support, when I was struggling I contacted support and they put me in touch with a one-to-one representative who gave me a lot of help and was almost a mentor throughout the course. I always have access to support and can also reach out to my rep at anytime through email or Skype if I have any questions.

Social Media Manager Pro…Cons

It is OVERWHELMING! Well, at least I thought so, even though I had dabbled in social media for over a year I still had no idea what what I was getting into until I came across this course. There is a lot to take in and it honestly took me a few months to get my head around all the training and new concepts. As I mentioned, this is not an overnight trip to success, you have to put the work and practice in for it to really pay off – just like any other business or startup.

Another issue of mine was I found a lot of the info was outdated or not updated in some time and in some cases I could not open or download files or links to articles would not work as they were no longer available. With so many rapid changes in the online marketing world this was a bit of a red flag as you need to know the latest and most up to date information to be as successful as possible in this game.

Social Media Manager Pro Pricing

The pricing structure is fairly straightforward, for a $497 one off fee you receive access to the 8 main training courses and membership to the Social media Manager Pro Facebook page, which is highly active and has hundreds of members interacting a ready to answer questions.


If you are hesitant to spend this much in one go it might be worthwhile trying the basic option at $297 first to test the waters before you upgrade. You also have a monthly options which is the most comprehensive offering and allows you access to all the course material I mentioned as well as membership to SMMConnect.

Is Social Media Manager Pro a scam?

No, I didn’t find it a scam, however it’s not as easy to become a social media manager as they would like to make you think – that 30 day guarantee went straight out the window as it took me WAY longer than a month to get through all the modules. Like any business owner you have to put in the effort to reap the rewards. I would have loved the ‘Doing The Work’ module to be a little more in depth as this is where I struggled most in my early career and could have really used more help in this area. I must say however, I haven’t found another training course that covers a much on the topic of social media management as this course does.

Hope you found this blog helpful. As always, feel free to comment, share and like! We also welcome any questions or feedback – let us know what you what to learn about next…

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4 thoughts on “Social Media Manager Pro Review: Is it a scam or legit?

  1. Chris

    Well it sounds pretty cool if you’re into this side of marketing – the main thing I took away from this is the level of good support…which is always important when you are learning something new!
    Are you still a member of this and did you upgrade to the facebook and webinar side of things?

    1. Lou

      Thanks for your comment, no I didn’t upgrade my membership as I found that the level I was on was sufficient.

  2. Jack Madden

    Thanks for the review Sarah – You’ve really helped me in making up my mind as to whether to buy the product or not.I’m launching a website very soon and i’m thinking of ‘ skilling – up ‘ and adding this product to my arsenal.
    I enjoyed reading your honest review.Also i’m just wondering how the support team helped you when you had issues opening certain links and articles that were no longer available?Were you able to view them eventually?


    1. Lou


      I’m so glad I was able to help in any way. I must say I DIDN’T get any updated links, they have told me n several occasions that they would update them but I haven’t experienced that as yet. The one on one help was very good, I’m still friends on Facebook with the individual who mentored me. But I would say that there’s not much in terms of knowledge that you can’t get online for free if you searched well enough. They do have a 30 day trial period though so maybe if you want to try it and see if it works for you would be the best suggestion.

      Best of luck


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