Social Media Management Tools Review: Best Software for your business

By | November 10, 2016
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I’m often asked how I manage my time as social media manager…

Social Media Management Tools Review

There are so many tools out there to help you manage your social media schedule on a day to day basis, the key is to know which tools are the most helpful, cost effective and reliable. As a social media manager being able to manage various different accounts at the same time can be challenging and that’s where social media management tools come in handy. Here’s a list of my 10 favourites.


If you’ve been working in social media for a while and have never heard of Hootsuite i would be very surprised. Hootsuite is pone of the most recognisable names in social media management and is accessible to businesses of all sizes.

What’s cool about it?

Hootsuite has a number of team tools to help you collaborate content with team members for social networks all your social networks.

What’s not cool?

I don’t particularly like the reporting; you have access to the basic analytics when you purchase the business package but any comprehensive reporting is at an additional cost which I find fairly expensive, especially when you’re already paying a monthly fee. I also found it difficult to navigate the team collaboration settings and had to contact helpdesk when I originally started – however chances are you’re a little more savvy than me so you might not have that problem.

Find out more about Hootsuite here .


Feedly helps you gauge what others are saying through news feeds that you can organise into categories it also helps you identify key industry trends in relevant niches that should shape your own social-media posts, Feedly also offers content curation and content sharing that integrates with Buffer.

What’s cool about it?

What’s also cool about Feedly is that it generates the most up to date content first so you are never behind on the trends. Using RSS feeds Feedly can save your content sources using saved searches so you never have to lost or search for that source again.

Whats not cool?

Not much, it’s not the most attractive website I guess. But it does exactly what it says on the tin with not frills – which is fine in my book.

Find out more about Feedly  here.


Here’s another great tool to schedule social media posts you can share posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+,LinkedInand Pinterest. Like Hootsuite Buffer has a free and paid version; the free version only allows you to schedule posts for a single profile–and limits you to ten posts at a time.


What’s cool about it? 

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, Buffer allows you to schedule recurring posts so you can republish content that has already worked well once on profile, plus it’s easy to use.

What’s not cool?

it could probably so with adding streams to the platform for monitoring purposes, however that is not Buffer’s major focus so if you’re looking for a tool for monitoring engagement and such – Buffer isn’t the one.

Find out more about Buffer here .


For all you creatives-on-a-budget out there Canva is for you! We all know that visuals is the future on social media and you can edit and create great high quality images with this tool. They offer hundreds of templates that help you impersonate a great designer, even if you don’t always know exactly what you are doing.

What’s cool about it?

It’s free! Well most of it is, one the main requests from my clients is for me to create original content, for me that means using my client’s logos and unique fonts. You can upload custom fonts and images to your Canva account when you upgrade to the paid package.

What’s not cool?

It’s not Photoshop so don’t expect unlimited capability, Canva is great for beginners and basic image creation.Find out more about Canva here.


Tweetdeck is a very popular with both businesses and individuals looking to manage their Twitter accounts. The tool allows you to post and schedule to your Twitter accounts, as well as stream all of your feeds in real time.

What’s cool about it?

It can be easily integrated with Buffer, for more detailed management. It can also be downloaded as desktop software.

What’s not cool? 

TweetDeck doesn’t have a mobile app version and is only limited to only Facebook and Twitter.

Find out more about Tweetdeck here.


Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a comprehensive social media management tool that a lot of social media agencies like to use because they can use this premium social media management tool for multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts.

What’s cool about it?

Their analytics are some of the best as users can get reports on performance of sent messages as well as community growth and demographics data. The dashboard is also well-organised which is always important to me.

What’s not cool?

It would be great if Social Sprout would integrate LinkedIn further in much the same way it has the other social networks.Find out more about Sprout Social here .


Here’s a great tool for social media managers who are beginners, it’s a bit more holistic and works with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, RSS feeds, blogs, Plurk, and

What’s cool about it?

There are many cool features in the free level of the platform like managing your direct messages and reusing previous content. It’s also reasonably priced for the upgrade it you are managing multiple platforms.

What’s not cool?

You can only utilise Twitter on the free level, but as the upgrade won’t break the bank it’s probably worth it.

Find out more about Social Sprout here.

 Remember,  choosing the right social media management tools is entirely up to you and what your needs are, it also requires a good understanding of what your clients want. While a lot of the programs here seem very cool, they all have their limits and strengths, don’t be afraid to experiment to see what works best for you.
What are your favourite tools to manage your social media? Let us know what you think and don’t forget to share this with someone who might find it helpful.
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6 thoughts on “Social Media Management Tools Review: Best Software for your business

  1. Celeste

    Great Post! Anyone working online needs these tools. I love Buffer and cannot do without Canva. Canva is also a lot of fun. To make the most of these tools You’d probably have to go for the paid versions. I like that you can try out most of them for free first. I think if you want to do social media management for other businesses then you can’t do without some of these tools.

    1. Lou

      Yes Canva is essential for me too. I wouldn’t recommend most of these these tool unless you were managing multiple accounts then you will see the investment as more worthwhile.

  2. Cathy

    I am working on my off-page SEO and found that I really need to boost on my social engagement. In between Hootsuite and Buffer, I kind of prefer the later.

    Buffer’s dashboard is more clean and professional as compared to Hootsuite that appears to be cluttered. The price on Buffer is also more competitive than the others and they have some really good webinars (if you sign up to their news letter) if you want to learn more on how to improve on your social reach.

    1. Lou

      I must a agree, I’m more inclined to Hootsuite for the multiple streams you can use on one dashboard. Thanks for your comment

  3. Chris

    I find that social media marketing is a lot harder than most gurus make out – the sheer amount of noise on there these days makes it really hard to hit them up for promotion!
    I really like some of these tools – Hootsuite seems like a great option as there is a free platform on offer there!
    How long have you used it for now and what are the results?

    1. Lou

      I’ve be using Hoosuite for over 2 years now and I’ve found it does the job, there is definitely room for improvement and of course I would prefer the reporting to be less expensive but overall it works for me.


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