Sendible – The Complete Social Media Management Platform: Review 2017

By | February 7, 2017
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About Sendible

Sendible helps you organise your content and save valuable time on social media. It helps you track the results in each account and determine which platform works best for your business.

This Sendible review highlights its features, its cons, support system, and pricing.


A unified social media dashboard

The unified dashboard makes it convenient for the user to manage all their accounts in a single window. It allows automatic responses such as “thanks for following”, discussions and chats. It also allows you to monitor keywords in all the texts typed. You will be able to know what product or service is on demand or what your customers are concerned about at any given time.


This feature allows the user to access all comments, messages, and DMs on one page. It saves you the time that could be used in logging in and out of different accounts to view and act on the most recent activities. A timeline of everything that goes on appears in one place in chronological order.


This tool allows you to effectively schedule all your posts according to the recommended times when your target audience is online. Through it, you can view all the posts sent to your social media channels. Sendible gives you the choice of reusing past posts so you don’t have to type repetitive content all over again. You can also automatically re-schedule similar postings for the future.



This tool can recommend content that is relevant to your enterprise. You do not have to struggle to generate content for postings. Additionally, the feature allows you to upload the content of your choice and store it for future reference.


Sendible’s contact feature enables you to store all your mailing lists and contacts in one place. There is no risk of loss or confusion from disorganisation that normally results from multiple storage locations.


A key element of social media is the tracking of posts and comments. This feature allows you to do that effectively hence establishing what works and what does not work for your company. It gives you the ability to measure the impact of your brand on the consumers.

Using Sendible is an excellent way to remain in control of your social media platforms and manage your time well.

The cons

Though you can attach files to images using Sendible, you cannot achieve the same with posts. Attaching multiple images to your posts splits a single post into two. Therefore you have to keep figuring out where to split your content when you have multiple images you need to attach. The tool lacks a training feature, so you have to rely on Youtube video tutorials that are mostly outdated. It also lacks a campaign feature for bulk scheduling.

Sendible Support

This social media management tool is backed up by an elaborate Sendible support. The support has several sections that include; helpdesk login, a direct question portal to the customer support team, FAQs, video tutorials, compose and post section and troubleshooting. It is exhaustive in functionality and succeeds to address all the major concerns of the users.

Sendible Pricing

Sendible comes with well-defined payment plans. At the start of it, users are given an offer of free social media software in a 30-day trial. Beyond this, there are three packages at different prices. There’s Lite, for  of £39 per month. It is useful for growing brands. The Advanced package at £149 for small teams of grown brands. The Pro package goes for £379 per month and is great for big established brands.


Sendible makes the management of your social media accounts easy and efficient through its great features. It is affordable and caters for different categories of companies. You get reliable support while using it.

No doubt there are many other social media management tools out there. Take the example of Hootsuite. It can schedule your messages, engage your audiences and measure the communication return through feedback. Sendible does all these too with the addition of an easy to use dashboard. If you intend to equip your company with a reliable social media tool, Sendible is the place to look to.


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6 thoughts on “Sendible – The Complete Social Media Management Platform: Review 2017

  1. Marcus

    Well, social media really can drain your time, so I can see that having an app which can enable you to save time with social media would be really valuable. This reminds me a bit of a program called Mass Planner. Have you heard of that? If so, do you think Sendible offers more than Mass Planner does? I noticed that it has good tracking and reporting features. That could come in very useful to be able to see whether your social media campaigns are bringing the results that you wanted.

    1. Lou Post author


      Thanks for your comments. Yes i have heard of Mass Planner, however I have not had any experience with it personally. What I like about Sendible is it’s listening tool, I’m not sure Mass Planner has this feature but it come in very useful for CRM purposes

  2. Mikael

    Sounds like an interesting tool. I work with social media and always looking for tools that can help to make it easier to organize.

    Which platforms can you use through sendible? I am mostly working with Facebook and assuming that is one of the platforms?

    You are also mentioning Hootsuite as a possible platform. What are they major differences between these two?

    1. Lou Post author

      I think one of the main differencwes is the listening tool, hootsuite is great for scheduling and monitoring, but doesn’t really have a listening feature.

      Sendibile also manages all the most commonly used social media networks includijng Facebook.

  3. Andrew

    Hi there. I was just reading your review on the Sendible social management platform and thought I would just drop you a quick comment to say thanks for sharing this.

    I have been looking for something that would make things easier to manage my social media accounts. I tried an application a couple of months ago but it had its faults. The software that I tried didn’t perform too well when adding images to posts on Twitter or Facebook, It was rather hit and miss!

    Can you set up multiple messages to be sent out to different social accounts throughout the day with Sendible? Also is this an online service or is it a downloadable software that you need to keep running?

    1. Lou Post author


      Happy to hear we could help 🙂 🙂

      Sorry to hear about you previous issues, I’m sure you’ll love Sendible, you can definitely add multiple messages with it’s scheduling tool and it is also an online software so you can use it from any computer as long as you have a browser.

      Best of luck – please let us know how you get on.


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