How to Earn Money as a Blogger

By | December 8, 2016

Follow and like us:‘Can you earn money blogging?’ This is question that I’m often asked. The answer is yes, and in many different ways. This article teaches you several of the most common methods on how to earn money from a blog, so if this is a subject that has ever interested you then keep… Read More »

The Ultimate Social Media Strategy Cheat Sheet…for Business 2017

By | November 29, 2016

Follow and like us:Ever struggled to organise your company’s social media schedule? This handy social media schedule template will help you easily break down your day to day tasks and ensure your following best practises for Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. If you’ve ever wondered how the best social media managers keep on track,… Read More »

Legit Online Jobs Review: Is it a scam or legit?

By | November 16, 2016

Follow and like us:As more and more people are searching for the best online jobs to make an income it’s important to be able to understand where to look. A good place to start is reviews; I would always check as many reviews – good and bad before any purchase or investment, especially when you… Read More »

Mailchimp Review: Read this before you try

By | October 27, 2016

Follow and like us:So, I’ve been using Mailchimp with a few clients over the past few weeks and I thought it only appropriate to write a review about my experience with it. I also want to help those of you who are still trying to decide on what email marketing tool to choose, hopefully this… Read More »

Canva Review: Read this before you try

By | October 20, 2016

Follow and like us:Okay, let’s talk about Canva. If you haven’t heard of Canva before and you have an online presence then it’s a good thing you came across this review, because it will greatly benefit you! I’ve been using Canva for a couple years now, so I know a thing or two about it.… Read More »

Meltwater Review: What you need to know before you purchase

By | October 5, 2016

Follow and like us:What is Meltwater? Meltwater Group an SaaS (software as a service) media intelligence program that monitors social media to discover trends in your chosen industry and engage with your audience, it also identifies key influencers. The program claims to ‘’Manage and measure a data-driven PR program with hyper-targeted search, pitching, social media… Read More »