Meltwater Review: What you need to know before you purchase

By | October 5, 2016
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What is Meltwater?

Meltwater Group an SaaS (software as a service) media intelligence program that monitors social media to discover trends in your chosen industry and engage with your audience, it also identifies key influencers. The program claims to ‘’Manage and measure a data-driven PR program with hyper-targeted search, pitching, social media and journalist relations features.’’

This article has collated some the software’s most popular reviews – good and bad, to give you the most comprehensive overview of this product and help you decide if it is right for you and your business.

Meltwater features

Meltwater has several different products to support your marketing efforts including Meltwater News, Meltwater Buzz, Meltwater Press and Meltwater Reach. Below is a list of the features the products provide overall.


The monitoring feature allows you to get industry news to your in daily digests or real-time alerts. The integrated dashboard enables you to store all your social search results in one place. Below is a screenshot of the monitoring dashboard taken from their website.

Meltwater dashboard


With the analytics tool you can analyse your marketing campaigns to see which ones are working and which ones are not, you can create your own dashboard to measure your success.


There are several options for distributing your content from the platform;

With the press – where you can target key journalists and influencers and contact them on their preferred channel with the right message. You can also send out press releases then measure pickup location at regional, national, or international levels as well as centralise all your coverage for reference on a central newsfeed.

Social media – the social media distribution feature means you can draft, schedule, and queue messages to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. You can track your  engagement metrics, identify posts that require a response and even automate responses or allocate more personal responses to team members.

Executives – If you have a newsletter, noticeboard or news feed you can pick articles to share with internal stakeholders as well as create reports from your dashboards to present results.


The Meltwater dashboard has substantial reporting such as sentiment analysis, word clouds, and geographic locations for key influencers and the analytics you choose to monitor can be sent to your Meltwater inbox. You can also download any reports into different formats including CSV and PDF. A lot of reviews have praised the fact that you can get morning and afternoon media monitoring reports delivered via email, so they can quickly see when their company had been mentioned in the news.

With the press release submission process you have access to the expansive contacts database which allows you to easily attach and share them with whichever contacts you choose.

The all in one platform is a very popular benefit many many say that it’s a big improvement from their older Meltwater versions and that it’s also improved in speed and user-friendliness.

You have great customer support – according to many reviews, where your advisor can help you customise features that they think would be most useful for your business.


A common issue I came across was regarding the billing; many complained that subscription is automatically renewed of 60 days notice is not given, this can be detrimental to those who find the pricing fairly steep as the contract then ties you to another yearly subscription – so MAKE SURE TO READ THE SMALL PRINT before purchasing

There were a few reviews I found that mentioned features that don’t always work such as the tagging of articles or  issues with accessibility to features which tends to happen often with many comprehensive CRM tools and which are not uncommon.

Meltwater Pricing

Pricing is offered by request but can vary from around $3000 – $6000 per year for one stand alone product like Meltwater News. The great news is that they do offer a free trial after consultation with no card details requires. Pricing may be reasonable for medium sized businesses and companies with a large marketing budgets, but I would assume small businesses would find this fairly pricey. The Engage tool alone is sold as an add-on to the main Meltwater Buzz feature . Pricing can typically be around $13,000 for Meltwater Buzz and $6,000 for Engage. Purchasing both Buzz and Engage together comes at a discount of $15,000 for both.


Meltwater’s features seem impressive, especially Meltwater Buzz Engage which is the social media engagement tool. The products are definitely aimed at larger businesses with a strong marketing focus and with teams large enough so tasks can be delegated. With all CRM tools I have come across there’s always room for improvement, but for any business that intends to understand their audience and grow their business, tools such as these are highly recommended. If you would like more info on  alternatives to Meltwater I have listed a few below that may be more suited to your needs and your budget.

Alternatives CRM tools for business






What do you think of Meltwater? Do you use an alternative CRM tool. Leave your comments and questions below and feel free to let us know what you think.

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4 thoughts on “Meltwater Review: What you need to know before you purchase

  1. Craig

    Hi Lou,

    That’s a lot of money for engagement through a news feed or social media for your particular niche. I’m not sure it’s a sound investment to be honest.

    They don’t have any prices on their website (that I could find) so I’d be interested to hear where you got your info from?

    1. Lou Post author

      I got the info from various reviews and sources I collected to get a more rounded view of the product. I haven’t purchased it myself so it is difficult to get a clear idea of the pricing as they do them by request. I think the product is more suited for larger companies and those that have the budget and want to take their marketing plan more seriously.

      1. Craig

        Yup I think you’re right Lou. It’s too much for me that’s for sure. I will take a look at your alternatives.

  2. Sandy

    Just don’t. their media lists are outdated. Customer service is terrible.


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