– Lithium Review 2017: Social Media Marketing Tool

By | February 15, 2017
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About Lithium

Lithium’s Social Media Analytics tool gives your company real-time analytics and insights regarding your overall social media presence. It makes it easier to monitor the performance of your social media sites, measure community interaction, and regulate how to divide your audience effectively to help spread your company’s name online in a positive way. The software can identify individuals with significant social influence or who are experts on particular your chosen industry. Then you can target online marketing directly to them, helping you to increase the amount of views your company’s content gets. Using Lithium should help you improve your customer relationship which is great if you want to start social media for business, or have been using social media for you company for some time.

Lithium Features what do I like about Lithium?  When content is posted, Lithium can track the reaction of your social community. Through a common dashboard, anyone on your social media team can access information related to customer analytics. Client criticism, applicable key performance pointers, and trending topics can all be followed and measured consistently. If people are discussing your products on the web, you’ll hear about it! Then you can immediately give your customer service a boost with speedy and effective responses. This information is continually updated in real time, in order to maximise the accuracy and timeliness.

Here’s another thing I think business owners will find handy – You can also track information about clients and the members of your social media team. You will be able to monitor the amount of work of each agent, defining how much activity each agent is dealing with, hence allowing you to re-balance the workload if need be. You can also plan short term and the long term for how many employees you may need on your team. All of this info can be easily organised into custom reports and can include any metrics you select that are relevant to your business. The data itself can also be exported for usage in other business tools and applications.

Lithium Pros & Cons


lithium-social-media-dashboardCustomers are always expecting and looking for amazing digital experiences. They require instant response, direct connection through social media, questions answered and problems solved. They also want action from their feedback and ideas

With Lithium, you have the power to build a trustworthy connection with your loyal clients. You will be able to respond and engage on social networks, guide online conversations to a community that you build and own. It also lets you activate super fans and drive advocacy. With it you can crowd source ideas and innovation from your best customers

The software also allows you to engage your total community and connect your clients across all digital avenues. It lets you  measure customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.


Visual representation of data could be easier to sort and file through. Sometimes it is a bit overwhelming and would like a way to simplify it to its most direct views.

I feel that having customisation for the product seems to be a little difficult as I can’t find much documentation for doing so. The product price rises when you require additional features to be included in your pricing plan.

Lithium Pricing

You have to request a demo or a personalised price, they offer 4 packages which are Standard Lithium Social Web, Standard and Premier Lithium Community and Enterprise Combined Platform.



I like it,especially operations management features. I’d say give it a trial and see what you think, it’s an amazing powerful software – recommended mainly for companies growing there teams and looking to take the social media management more seriously.  Lithium have great tech support and everything you need to start you on your way so you’re in safe hands.

Please let me know your thoughts…feel free to comment and share – as always 🙂

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2 thoughts on “ – Lithium Review 2017: Social Media Marketing Tool

  1. ririj

    This is my first time hearing about lithium but it sounds like it could help in the area where I am struggling a bit which us with social media. I have found that getting likes costs money and getting engagement seems impossible. Not to mention that my meaningful posts only seem to reach a few viewers. It’s like you have to pay just for them to reach when your ambition is to make money. Still I am not sure if I want to spend money on one more thing so I will have to weigh it out. Thank you for sharing the program!

  2. Vertical Veloxity

    This is pretty cool. Social media is free and it is a great way to build an audience and reach your customers and potential customers. More information through analytics is always welcome.

    So this program is something that I will consider. I am just myself starting to use Facebook more to reach my customers. . Thanks for the post


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